Why You Should Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business | Pinterest App Login Page on iPad

I recently conducted a poll on my Instagram stories asking people if they use Pinterest for business. My mind was blown when 78% responded “minimally or not at all.” It was that moment that I knew I had to stage a Pintervention!

If you’ve been on the fence about using Pinterest as a marketing strategy or know you want to use it, but just have no idea where to start, I can help! Let’s start with what you’re missing out on!

Pinners are PLENTIFUL

Millennials use Pinterest just as much as Instagram (according to Business Insider).

You may be thinking, “so what?” Well, if you’ve ever gotten invested in the ‘gram and been disappointed when the post you spent an hour drafting disappeared into the algorithm abyss within moments… Pinterest is for you!

You get to capture the SAME market of people, but instead of that content lasting a few minutes, it will last MONTHS! Sounds pretty great, right?

With over 250 million users on Pinterest, I think we can agree that at least a few of them will be your ideal clients!

That’s right – two hundred and fifty million users and I bet you’d never guess, but…

Pinners LOVE to Buy

According to Pinterest, 93% of Pinners use Pinterest in order to plan for (or even make) purchases!

You know how people on Instagram are constantly being sold about the latest and greatest offer or multi-level marketing opportunity? Well, let’s be honest. It makes them cold. They don’t want to hear it.

In comparison, people literally go to Pinterest with a buying mindset, which means they’ll be much more open to sales tactics and marketing.

Still don’t believe me? 63% of Millennials actually admit to using Pinterest to find new brands and products.

Okay, okay. I’m loving on these facts, so two more fat stats to pass your way… 78% of Pinners WELCOME seeing content from brands (according to Sprout Social)! Hello, easy money! Imagine walking through a room where everyone is excited to hear what you have to offer! Sound like a dream? Run, don’t walk, on over to Pinterest!

Last but not least, 83% of users have purchased something through a link on Pinterest!

Not convinced yet? Keep reading…

Pinners Have Moolah

Not only are they open to buying, Pinners have money! In fact, more than 40% of Pinners have an average household income of over $100k (according to Sprout Social)!

I don’t care how awesome your offer, product, or service is… if you’re selling it to a broke market, you won’t make money.

Pinterest for Business is a Must

It’s easy to see why Pinterest is becoming a large source of referral traffic (5% across the board) for websites (according to Omnicore)! It’s a must-use resource for small and growing businesses.

Check out my other blogs for more Pinterest for business tips or to learn how to create a business account!

Then head to my Instagram and browse my posts under the hashtag #pintowintips! But, don’t be a creeper – say hi while you’re there so I can support you!

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