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1:1 Business Coaching for Creatives

Because turning to your mom or husband (no matter how supportive they are) just isn't the same as talking to someone who gets it... It's time to get intentional about how you're going to grow your business in a way that works for YOU!

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There are a lot of programs, coaches, and courses out there, but have you noticed how a lot of them are pitching you their copy & paste strategy?

The problem? You're not them. We all have unique skills, goals, & desires. Building your business without taking those into account will lead to (at best) success with a side of burnout or (at worst) a complete lack of results. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's NOT why you started this business. If you are tired of spinning your wheels and want to stop letting your business run you...

You're in the right place.

Custom 1:1 Business Coaching

we analyze

We chat about YOUR struggles & look at data to get a better idea of what's actually going on.

We Plan

I'll help bridge any knowledge gaps & we'll create a detailed plan (based on your strengths) to reach your goals.

You crush it

You'll carry out our plan, but I'll be here in case you hit any road blocks or want a second pair of eyes.

this is not my first swim

Helping creatives grow businesses they love is kind of my thing...

*Flashes credentials.* I have a degree in entrepreneurship & experience running multiple creative businesses - including a multiple six-figure house painting business. *Puts back in pocket.* But, here's the thing... it's one thing to succeed yourself. It's a whole other ball game to help others crush it with their own skills and strengths. Not to brag, but that's my superpower!

Jump in - the water's fine!

1:1 Business Coaching Can Help You...

spend More time with loved ones

Let's say "see ya" to the long days that turn into nights working on your laptop while your family enjoys dinner and a movie together.

with strategic structure

The only way to help you get back your time and scale your business is to have a strategy and systems in place. After all, you're only one person.

stay in your zone of genius

You got into business to do what you love, not to send invoices and share every waking moment with strangers online in the hopes they hire you.

"Before my coaching session with Cassie, I felt frustrated and stuck. Now I have a clear action plan moving forward!"

- amy lawson

Curious how I can help?

here are just a few things I've worked on with past clients


Pricing for profit & structuring your services for growth.


Content planning that turns followers into clients through "know, like, & trust."


Selling strategically to fill your calendar with dream clients.


Optimizing your site to help your clients find you online & inquire.


Creating systems, workflows, & a schedule to save time & wow clients.

1:1 Business Coaching


Your creative business is up and running, but not quite as smoothly (or successfully) as you'd like.

We meet regularly, analyze your creative business, & create an action-packed plan to help your business thrive. I'm with you every step of the way!

We'll meet bi-weekly for 90 minutes to work through the issues we've diagnosed (by building systems, making changes, & brainstorming ways to make your business feel more like you again). Ever just want a second set of eyes on something? You'll have access to me via text & email for moral support & material review! (Most clients invest $2000-5400.)

I'm ready to chat about coaching!

Strategy Session


Just need a bit of help on something specific or could use an experienced outside perspective.

Within just 90-minutes, we can overcome a problem, create a bulletproof plan, or rapid fire a bunch of your burning qs!

My superpower? Listening, finding the root of the problem, & proposing solutions that fit your unique skills. Before we even meet for your 90-minute strategy session, you'll receive a comprehensive questionnaire so we can make the most of our time together. You'll also receive a week of email follow up for last-minute questions related to our meeting. ($600 investment.)

this is exactly what I need!

Let's get you results like...


raised her prices by 80% & is still fully booked

"Without her help, I probably would have burnt out & shut down my business within the next year.

With Cassie, I totally revamped everything behind the scenes of my creative business... which helped me feel confident, far less stressed, and prepared to continue growing my business in the future. She helped me see things I wouldn't have realized on my own."

Alyssa & Ryan

said goodbye to overwhelm

"Business aside, Cassie took a weight off my shoulders in a way that I could have never imagined.

Over the course of our three months together, she helped us focus on our goals, client experience and was an absolute powerhouse of a coach who helped us launch a beautiful new website that we feel incredibly proud of. Thank you Cassie, you've been an absolute blessing for us. I have never felt more on top of my business, while also navigating our busiest season in 7 years!"


booked 3 brides from instagram in 1 month

"What I loved was instead of just telling me what to do, we went over ideas & strategies together!

I am so excited for the next year and beyond with my business! She was absolutely wonderful to work with! I knew I had been wanting to hire a business coach for a while, but I was nervous to pull the trigger. After talking with Cassie & getting to know her before, I knew we'd be a great fit."


worth of business education in my noggin.


years of experience running small businesses.


of hours clients took back for themselves.


business owners I've coached across multiple industries.

Paige took back her time (& confidence)

"1:1 business coaching with Cassie was one of the single best investments of my time and money. I've found clarity, strategy, & a lifelong cheerleader."

Summarizing the amount of respect and gratitude I have for Cassie into one review seems impossible. Working with her was such a valuable experience that not only instilled more confidence in me, but also left me better equipped with a strategy to continue building a business I love. What I appreciated most about our time together was her unconditional support.

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Olivia & Bryan are booking dream clients years in advance

"Literally from the first moment we met, Cassie poured her heart, soul, and MASSIVE wealth of knowledge into us."

Cassie and her magical hands - you're going to want her to touch every single aspect of your business. Needless to say, it was love at first Zoom. Not only is she light-hearted, the sweetest little pea you'll ever meet, and also a comedian, she is easily the most creative person we've ever met. Cassie ensures that you are heard and valued, but she isn’t afraid to push you and she can see the potential in you and your business that you don’t even realize. She brought us so much more than just advice. She brought us confidence, the ability to thrive, and an amazing friendship.

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Sylvia tripled her booking rate

"From the moment I stumbled across her Instagram to every meeting, voice text, and celebratory meme, every moment hanging out with her has been fun, supportive, and collaborative."

Before I started working with Cassie, I was booking very few clients, despite having plenty of inquiries. It left me feeling defeated, confused, and like I might not be cut out for this business after all. Cassie poured over my website, my inquiry process, my resources, and my analytics to diagnose the things that were causing my low booking rate - then we worked together to fix them in a way that was true to me, my values, and the way that I wanted to make people feel.

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Perry ann built a luxury biz by being herself

"I was looking for someone to help me with my business and book clients, but I really received so much more than I could have ever imagined."

When I work with you I feel you are genuine, kind, encouraging, loving and so caring for me. It is a miracle my business and I found you. You helped me with so many things in my business that I am continuing to book clients at my new prices, have a new-found structure in my life involving a healthy work/life balance. You continued showing me over and over that I really am worthy of booking the dream client. The power you gave me is something I have never felt before: complete confidence. Cassie, thank you for changing my life.

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andrea created a new business

"I got more value out of 90 minutes with Cassie than I have from full courses with 4 digit price tags!"

Her honesty was so helpful and she may not realize this but she was instrumental in the creation of my business. Before speaking with her, all I had were ideas. Don't get me wrong, ideas are great but they don't equal a business on their own. She helped me find the clarity I needed to finally post my services on my website! I cannot wait to work with her again and would encourage any creative, service-based business owner to schedule a chat with her to see what she's about. She's been truly life-changing for me.

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brit got her life back

"We set up structures that have helped me go from working 'non-stop' to about 25% of what I had been, and I'm actually getting better results."

I worked with Cassie at a point when I hit complete overwhelm and exhaustion running my multi-service business. Over the course of several meetings, we reworked my social strategy, my website along with MANY other things and throughout our meetings, I gained the confidence necessary to continue on my own. I can't thank Cassie enough for guiding me and giving me clarity on what really matters in my business.

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Vicky grew her business with intention

"Before we worked together, I was all over the place and not making much progress, working all the time with very little to show for it."

Cassie was EXACTLY what I needed to move forward with my business. I didn't know who my ideal client was or how to consistently book clients. Cassie helped me to identify my ideal client, get my systems in order, set a schedule and work flow and figure out my client booking strategy. I can't recommend Cassie enough as a business coach and now, friend! 

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Amy refined her offers to sell

"Do yourself a favor and put your trust in Cassie. There is something so genuine, kind and smart about this girl. She's truly an expert but grounded with a good soul."

Cassie was able to immediately pinpoint where I was struggling and put together a well-defined, executable plan. She went step by step to understand my (unique!) niche and made high-impact suggestions. I would put together a draft and it was as if she waved a magic wand. My packages are clearly defined with very obvious value. Cassie also gave me easy to use tips and tricks that make all the difference in streamlining my onboarding process.

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After coaching, clients told me they went from:

discouraged to empowered

confused to completely confident

nervous to relieved

no direction to a solid plan

burnt out to excited

hey Siri, play "Level Up!"

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You know you can't keep treading water, but investing in your business can be intimidating. Let's just start by getting to know each other so we can see if we mesh well. I'll explain if (& how) I can help... Most importantly, no pressure from me. If I'm a good fit for your biz, you'll know!

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"I went from feeling like I was failing to feeling like I could climb mountains."

- Natalie