Hey, creative! cheers to you...

Making your biz fun again!

You wholeheartedly love your clients and your craft, but the realities of keeping up with the day-to-day are sucking all the joy out of your business dreams, am I right? 

I'm here to help

I'm a creative business coach for women who want a balanced life.

I help creatives who crush their craft (but struggle with strategy) grow their service-based businesses by taking confident, step-by-step actions that actually get results!

ready to say goodbye to burnout?

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1:1 Coaching

At the point in your business where courses aren't cutting it anymore? Consider 1:1 coaching, where I take a collaborative approach to help you hit your goals & grow a biz you love again.

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courses for creative entrepreneurs

The Shop

Newer to biz with a smaller budget or just need a bit more knowledge to crush it with something specific? Visit the shop to break you out of your marketing & mental ruts!

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that's what she said:

"In the many years we've been wedding photographers, the very best investment we've ever made was hiring Cassie!"


hey there!

I'm Cassie, your biz bestie.

What started out as a kid with a camera & a dream has morphed into a sassy, yet kind, wine-loving creative entrepreneur who loves helping other women get their lives back through biz strategy.

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Pin Biz Account

Create Your Biz Account on Pinterest

Whether you're dipping your toes in the Pinterest pool for the first time or have been treading water for a hot minute, optimize your account & increase traffic with these five key steps.

Ready to take back your freedom?

Leave analysis paralysis (and the notion that asking for help means you've failed) at the door.

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it's not wine, but it's close...

The Ultimate IG Bio Guide

We can take your business bio from "oh no" to "whoa" in just a few minutes. You in?