5 Reasons I Love Tonic Site Shop Templates

September 9, 2022

Because 100 would be ridiculous — an actual subheading I considered for this post. There are so many reasons I love Tonic Site Shop as both an entrepreneur and a creative business coach, but I want to break down the five ways I truly feel they’re different than anyone else. And who knows? Maybe by […]


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Because 100 would be ridiculous — an actual subheading I considered for this post. There are so many reasons I love Tonic Site Shop as both an entrepreneur and a creative business coach, but I want to break down the five ways I truly feel they’re different than anyone else. And who knows? Maybe by the end of this quick post, you’ll be hopping on the #teamtonic train too!

Their Level of Service is Unmatched

Imagine the website / tech equivalent of being fed grapes in a cabana while being told you’re super smart and beautiful. That might seem dramatic, but it’s exactly how I feel when I interact with anyone from team Tonic. Not only do they have crazy fast response times despite their small team and huge client base, but every message is somehow both clear and clever.

Tell me the last time you wanted to follow a tech support member on Instagram because they seemed like such a cool human! I mean, come on… I’m not convinced their application process doesn’t involve some combination of standup comedy and emotional intelligence testing. I’ll let you know. I’m waiting on confirmation.

They Make Websites Fun Again

If you could only see my old website… Actually, lemme just show ya real quick. Promise not to judge, okay? Here she is. (Insert monkey covering eyes emoji here.)

Rough, I know. Honestly, I used to be SUPER embarrassed to even send people to my site. I didn’t realize how much that lack of confidence translated to every other part of my business until I launched my new (current) site using Tonic’s margarita template in 2020. From taking their Brand Cocktail Quiz to updating my template, every single part was fun!

I told Tonic it felt like I had recently remodeled my home and was excited to invite people over to hang out. Hell, I’d leave the front door wide open and give tours I was so proud.

Website visitors started spending a lot more time on my site (verified by Google Analytics) and the coolest part? During my consult calls for coaching, potential clients would rave about how they couldn’t stop clicking through my website because it was actually an enjoyable experience.

Instead of just clicking on each page navigation button, new visitors go on an intentional, well-designed journey. And by the end of the call, because they were already warmed by that trip through my site, I was able to convert them into actual dream clients.

They’ll Bring Out a New Level of Creativity in You

What makes me smile is knowing that part of why they had so much fun reading my site was because I had a BLAST writing it! See, Tonic is owned by Jen & Jeff. Jen is a past copywriter (though that title doesn’t seem to do her genius justice). She infuses her witty style into the templates to let you know what to say and when to say it for maximum impact.

I found myself at a peak level of creativity while updating my template. I’m not sure if it was the beautiful design or the clever placeholders as I scrolled through, but everything I produced was more elevated than it had ever been before.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

I truly believe all of this new found confidence and elevated online presence worked together to transform my business. As a sales / business coach, I know a major part of business is transferring confidence to the potential client to get them to buy. It’s the number one thing that holds a lot of my clients back… but was also holding me back.

Since launching my new site, my prices have tripled. Now part of that is improvement I’ve made in my business as a whole. But an even bigger part was feeling like my marketing finally reflected what I’d been providing to clients all along!

No Detail is Left Untouched

I’m also now ranking on page one of Google for some targeted keywords and have seen an increase in leads because of it. (To be fair, I’ve put in a lot of effort past just their templates, but what I love is how they set you up for success and are constantly improving even the smallest details.)

As I said, I work with a lot of creatives and helping them transform their website through copy, design, and SEO is one of my absolute favorite things! When I first bought my Tonic template and started working on my own SEO, I had to do a lot of reordering elements on the backend of Showit so Google’s bots could read my page correctly. It was a tedious process, but pretty simple. No big deal.

To explain the reasons I love Tonic Site Shop, you can see Showit canvas elements reordered for SEO.

A year later, as I was walking a client through what she’d need to do for her site (French 75 by Tonic), I noticed Tonic had updated this small detail of their design. The elements were already ordered in an SEO-friendly way. Again, most consumers wouldn’t have even known the difference, but they still went the extra mile.

You Get More Than a Design

Between the strategic copy placeholders, intentional page layout, thoughtful SEO elements, and stunningly fun design, you get so much more than just a web design template when you invest in Tonic.

I know it’s tempting to just try out another $300 design and see how it goes. Trust me. I was eyeing Tonic for months and was struggling to justify the expense. Luckily, I won a gift card from them in an Instagram giveaway, which prompted me to dive in. My business (and my confidence as an entrepreneur) hasn’t been the same since.

More Reasons I Love Tonic Site Shop

In business, we have to make investments… of our time and of our money. I’d argue Tonic Site Shop templates are one of the best uses of both. If you want to save 15%, you can click here and use my affiliate code: creativebusinesscoach. Reach out if you have questions, want to talk about the other 95 reasons I love Tonic Site Shop, or want help making your website a marketing machine!

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