2022 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals for Creative Entrepreneurs

November 14, 2022

I ask Alexa to play “Eye of the Tiger” while I roll up my sleeves. *Record scratches.* Oh, right. We don’t have to risk being trampled to get the last discounted Dyson anymore… Those were the days though, am I right? Now, we can all just snag epic BF/CM deals for our creative businesses right […]


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I ask Alexa to play “Eye of the Tiger” while I roll up my sleeves. *Record scratches.* Oh, right. We don’t have to risk being trampled to get the last discounted Dyson anymore… Those were the days though, am I right?

Now, we can all just snag epic BF/CM deals for our creative businesses right from our couch. *Pulls on favorite leggings.* Okay, let’s dive into the deals I would (and have) recommended to my clients! The best part?

Templates from Tonic Site Shop

Truth be told, I get a bit sentimental about TONIC Black Friday sales. A few years ago, I had been eyeing up the their website templates and had my heart set on one specifically. The problem was that I couldn’t justify the expense. So when I won their giveaway for a $500 gift card and Black Friday codes meant I could save an extra few hundred, I jumped on it. To say my business hasn’t been the same since is an understatement! And little did I know, that “expense” was truly an investment in my confidence, in my business, & in my future dream clients who knew I was the coach for them once reading through it.

To quote Will Ferrell in Elf, “I’m in love. I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it.” I recently wrote a blog post about the five reasons I’m obsessed with Tonic Site Shop if you want to get into the nitty gritty. BUT let’s talk about what I’d add to my cart during their 20% off sale November 21st – 28th!

Showit Website Templates

Okay, so they’re known first and foremost for the most gorgeous, high-converting, results-getting websites out there. And while I may be biased, I’ve helped multiple clients (like this, this, this, or this) pick, update, crush SEO, & launch Tonic sites. Their increased prices, bookings, & traffic speak are the proof in the pudding!

(Side note: I kind of have a running joke with Tonic about how their sites are like Pokemon & I wanna catch ’em all, so if you want a hand getting your new site up and running, use code: creativebusinesscoach & shoot me a message.)

The best part is that they’re all so easy to customize that even if another creative in your industry uses the template, it’ll be hard to tell! Here are some of my favorites:


If Vesper were a person, she’d be known as timeless, high-end, and effortlessly elegant. Think Audrey Hepburn – magnetic confidence & beauty. It’s perfect for photographers or really any creative who loves a good neutral palette and visual breathing room. The focus will be on your work – not distracting designs!

Clover Club

Perfect for the photographer with an EPIC client experience, Clover Club is not only stunning, but gives a lot of room for sharing what makes you different! Step by step, walk your clients through what they can expect from your high-end, luxury business. She’s the friend who LOVES to travel, film camera always in hand, and somehow looks incredible after a 10-hour flight.

French 75

Approachable, sweet, and so down-to-earth, French 75 is perfect for businesses who become best friends with their clients. She’s the girl who makes everyone feel welcome and feels confident without a smidge of makeup on! If you’re a photographer, designer, or even copywriter who wants your website to feel like a welcoming hug, this template is for you!

Gorgeous Additions

If you aren’t quite ready for the investment that comes with a complete overhaul, consider one of these gorgeous section templates to add a little spice to your site…

Timeline Section: With seven *gorgeous* design options, you’ll be able to choose the perfect way to display your story & build authority with prospective clients. This is perfect for an about page or could even be tweaked to show your client process.

Instagram Links Page: If you’re still using a Linktree, we need to talk. You’re missing out on such VALUABLE data. Unfortunately, your Google Analytics isn’t tracking your traffic until it’s on your site, so you if you use that same Linktree in multiple places, you don’t know where most people are visiting from! And honestly, that sucks when you’re trying to make decisions about where to spend more time on marketing! This template is beautiful and will help you make a great first impression from new followers!

Mood Board Template: We process visuals 60,000x faster than words. Wanna leave a quick (& lasting) impression? This is the way to do it. Hit your ideal clients in the feels, show them what’s possible, & leave them stunned. Seriously, the template is that gorgeous… just look at it!

CANVA Social Media Templates

They also make highly impactful & scroll-stopping social media templates that I may or may not have purchased their bundle their last launch. They’ve saved me hours creating templates from scratch and I know they’ll do the same for you.

So, if you snag any of their content, marketing, or sales templates during BF/CM week & send me a screenshot of your receipt, I’ll give you a code to grab IG Caption Infusion for only $10. Between their templates & my content prompts, you can go into the new year thinking a lot less about what to post to attract ideal clients.

Rise Plugins

Now that your site is looking fresh, make sure your blog matches! I’m coming in hot with some bias here… My past client / SEO genius, Ryan Moreno, created the most genius solution for the sometimes almost always ugly blog formatting that comes with the WordPress end of Showit. Using his plugin, you’ll be able to easily edit heading fonts, sizes, colors, & even link formatting so your blog posts are just as gorgeous as they are impactful.

From an SEO standpoint, attractive blog posts keep people’s attention longer, which helps show Google that whatever is on your site is worth sticking around for. Cue the SEO brownie points! If you want to try Rise Premium free for a WHOLE. FREAKING. YEAR (insert mind blown emoji here), click here & use Ryan’s code: FIRSTYEARFREE. Heads up… you’ll need the advanced Showit blog to use this plugin.


From November 22nd – 30th, you can save over 75% on your first year with my favorite CRM. HoneyBook is your one stop shop for all things client management including:

  • Inquiries
  • Emails
  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • & more…

Trust me, it’ll make your life SO much easier having everything in one place and may even help you book more clients because your process will be polished and professional! Get started for only $1/month for the first EIGHT months!

And when you use my code: creativebusinesscoach, you also get my custom templates for sending proposals and onboarding new clients with a questionnaire & scheduling workflow (perfect for wedding photographers). Yay for saving time / setting you up for success!

Primally Pure

Okay, you might be thinking… what does skin care have to do with my business? And to be fair, these probably aren’t business write offs unless you’re gifting them to clients, but… Like I mentioned in a recent post, your business can’t be healthy unless you are.

As a solo entrepreneur, CEO, and likely the reason people buy from your business, it’s important that you keep your physical health in tip top shape! One way to do that is to reduce your toxic load… or how many toxins you’re allowing in your body each day.

The less you fill your toxin bucket, the more resilient your body can be in supporting you through busy seasons & the stress that comes with entrepreneurship! Here are my favorite products & when you use my code: BFCM-CREATIVEBUSINESSCOACH20 from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, you’ll save 20% and get a free holiday lip kit!

  • Natural Deodorant: The first kind I ever found that doesn’t hurt my armpits because of how fine their baking soda is. It allows me to sweat (which releases toxins without the odor) and is aluminum free, protecting me from things like breast cancer & Alzheimer’s.
  • Sea Soak (Bath Salts): I wasn’t much of a bath person until we moved into our new house complete with a deep tub, but girl… this is seriously my favorite way to unwind, relax my muscles, and detox. When I’m on my period or under the weather, few things make me feel better!
  • Dry Brush Duo: Amazing for lymphatic drainage. Our lymph system helps prevent our body from foreign invaders & flush out toxins. Basically, it is our body’s sewer system. The only problem is that unlike our cardiovascular system, it doesn’t have a pump (our heart) to move the fluid. It depends on exercise or manual stimulation (via dry brushing) to get things flowing. You can find more benefits of dry brushing straight from Primally Pure’s blog.
  • Gua Sha: This is my latest addition. According to their site, it’s great for lymphatic drainage, circulation, fine lines / wrinkles, and skin repair. HOWEVER, my favorite part about this handy dandy tool is that it helps melt the tension I carry in my jaw, face, & neck. Seriously, it’s like a little massage.

Black Friday Tips

Have fun with your personal BF/CM shopping, but please remember… When it comes to your business, emotional decisions aren’t your friend. You need to consider the following:

  • Is this a purchase or investment?
  • Will it make my life substantially easier / more productive?
  • Can I expect to make back my investment in either time or money?

Make smart buying decisions for your business and financial situation and friend… don’t forget to write them off where applicable! Happy shopping! Oh – PS This post does contain some affiliate links, which means you save money while I earn a commission! Thanks for your support.

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