How to Prepare for a Brand Photoshoot

February 26, 2020

Your brand photoshoot is right around the corner and you’re already wondering what to do with your hands, right? Here are a few things to help you breathe easier.


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*Gulp.* Knees are weak, arms are heavy, brand photos in your schedule, pouring wine in your Yeti. You’re suddenly wondering what you signed yourself up for. You have no idea what to do with your hands let alone how to prepare for a brand photoshoot.

Girrrrrrrl, I got you! As the queen of awkward in front of cameras, but a ninja behind them, we’re going to get you through this. We might even be able to make it FUN in the process. *Gasp!* Yes, FUN! Let’s walk through some things you can do to make the most out of your brand photoshoot.

Brand Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Look good, feel good, right? Step one is to decide what you’ll wear. I highly encourage you to include pieces that contain your brand colors. Doing so will help pull your social media and website design / photos together cohesively! Sometimes this means grabbing a new item or two, but generally, you just want to pick outfits that:

  • Are comfortable, but flattering!
  • Represent what you would normally wear while working with clients!
  • Convey your unique personality.
  • Represent your brand colors and style.
  • Are layered.

Let’s dive into the layering thing. Jackets, sweaters, or scarves that you can easily take on or off will allow your photographer to get more variety in your images in less time! Since most sessions are paid for by the duration, you want to get the most for your money, honey! Variety is key to getting more from your photoshoot without people knowing it’s the same content!

Depending on how big of a package you purchase with your photographer, you’ll want to plan 2-4 outfits! When in doubt, reach out… they should be willing and able to weigh in with their opinions of what to wear based on locations. Just make sure you have them neatly organized so you can minimize downtime while changing!

Brand Photoshoot Outfit - Yoga

Brand Photoshoot Props

If you awkwardly laughed at “I don’t know what to do with my hands” at the beginning of this post because it was painfully relatable, this is for you. Props will be your bestie. They not only give you something to do with those awkward little hands of yours; but, they also help enhance the storytelling of your brand in images.

Make a list of props that are relevant to your business. Here are some ideas that my past creative ladies have brought with:

  • Camera (photographers, I’m looking at you).
  • Notebooks or journals!
  • Laptop, iPad, or phone.
  • Physical products.
  • Branded goodies.
  • Mug and coffee!
  • Wine glass, martini glass, etc.
  • Earbuds, headphones, or mic (especially for those of you with a Podcast).

Have fun with this. Bring things you ACTUALLY use to keep it authentic, but the idea is to convey who you are and what your brand does in a simple image! If you have a physical location for your business, this will be much easier, but can be done effectively either way.

Brand Photoshoot Locations

Speaking of locations, this is something your photographer should help with. If you don’t have a physical business location and your photographer doesn’t have a studio, here are some ideas they may suggest:

  • An on-brand, well lit coffee shop.
  • Places you’d normally meet clients in-person…
    • In fact, if you regularly go to clients for their appointments, you could even take photos in their shops if they agree. BONUS if they are willing to sit in some photos with you to give your future clients a better idea of what to expect.
  • An AirBNB or rented studio.
  • Outdoor locations (weather permitting).

Again, don’t make this a huge thing you worry about as this is typically on the photographer and you’ll work together. That said, if you know of a place you regularly frequent, bring it up!

Capture Behind the Scenes

If you can find a way to work with your photographer on capturing you in action, AMAZING. It’ll give your potential clients a real sneak peek of what it’s like to work with you.

For instance, if you’re a wedding photographer, can you schedule your session to roll into an engagement session you’re doing? Can he/she grab some genuine photos of you interacting with clients?

Bonus points if they can catch you going above and beyond for them like you see below!

Communicate Your Needs

While your photographer should do a good job asking the right questions prior to your shoot, make it clear what you need these images for so they can optimize them for you!

They should also ask you more in-depth questions about your brand, it’s personality, etc. so that it can be depicted properly. One of my favorite questions to ask clients, for example, is what three words they’d use to describe their brand. Or how they want people to feel the second they see their images…

If you’re nervous, tell your photographer. They can ease your mind. Most of the time, nerves or fear come from the unknown of how to prepare for a brand photoshoot, so get familiar with what to expect and you can feel more confident!

Above All, Be Authentic and Have FUN

If any of the above advice is contradictory to what is natural for you, IGNORE it. Yep, I did just tell you to ignore my advice entirely because the most important part of all of this is being yourself and letting YOU generally come across in images.

I’ve had brand photo clients who had BEAUTIFUL photos recently taken of them. They paid great money for them, but never wanted to use them. Why? It didn’t feel or look like them.

They wore something they never would or they put on more or less makeup than normal. Sometimes, they just overdid their hair. Whatever it is, my best is be yourself… your best self, but still yourself.

These images act as your virtual handshake. If you’re normally a sneaker and yoga pants gal, don’t wear stilettos and lipstick. There will be a disconnect in who people perceive you to be and who you actually are when they commit to hiring you.

Oh, and have fun! Know that quote that goes something like, “the most beautiful accessory a woman can wear is her smile?” You will feel and look prettier if you are having fun, so trust your photographer and enjoy feeling like a celebrity for the day!

If you find yourself (and your awkward hands) in need of some new images for your business, I offer two packages for brand photography. The first is a stand-alone session, which can be found here. The second is a brand photoshoot followed by an afternoon business mentoring session. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

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