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Faith-Based Entrepreneurship: Building a Purposeful Business with God

August 22, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to build a God-centered business? Or at least one that is built on faith? Or maybe you’d like to just start sharing more about this really important part of your life in a public way, but you’re not sure how? Well, I won’t pretend to have all the answers, but […]


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Have you ever wondered how to build a God-centered business? Or at least one that is built on faith? Or maybe you’d like to just start sharing more about this really important part of your life in a public way, but you’re not sure how? Well, I won’t pretend to have all the answers, but by the request of my Instagram community, I was asked how I incorporate God in my business and encourage others to do the same. In this episode, I share about faith-based entrepreneurship & building a purposeful business with God.

How I Keep God at the Center of My Business

Or at least try to… Over the years, I’ve seen how easy it is to forget about God when running my businesses. I strive, do my own thing, take all the actions, and hope it’ll work out. But there’s blessing in the biggest struggles as they always lead me back to Him.

When I do business with God rather than depending on my own knowledge, I’ve seen much better results and a lot more peace. One way I do this is by praying over every potential client that inquires. I ask for God’s will in our conversations. If I’m meant to work with them, I ask that I’m given the words to help them see that. If I’m not, I ask for God to close that door.

I also spend a lot of time listening to Christian music or what I like to call Jesus jams. My about page fun facts aren’t just there for show – I really am Lauren Daigle’s top fan on Spotify.

When I’m really disciplined one way I like to infuse my business with God is by spending time in His word. Reading the Bible is the best way for me to learn God’s voice so I know how to hear Him. Not to mention, being the creator and all, He’s pretty wise. There’s so much for me to soak up about how to live, how to honor Him, and how to treat others throughout scripture and I believe that all can be (and should be) applied in an entrepreneurial setting.

There are other ways I try to incorporate God in my business, which I chat about more throughout the first part of this episode.

How I Share About My Faith Online Authentically

I’ve never been one for pushiness. Take a look at my website and you’ll see about 1001 promises that my consult calls are just that… consultative. I’ve always believed that if someone is pushed into something, they’ll resist (best case scenario) or regret / feel animosity about their decision (worst case scenario). This applies to business and personal exchanges.

When it comes to sharing my faith, consistent invitations have always felt best. What I mean by that is that I don’t ever put pressure on anyone. Instead, I simply put my faith out there on display, hoping that if they’re ever interested, they’ll feel comfortable enough to approach me.

Tangibly, this looks like:

  • consistently sharing scripture I think will help people
  • inviting others to read through the Bible chronologically in a year with me
  • sharing my Jesus jams playlist
  • asking people how I can pray for them
  • reminding them I’m praying for them and here if they need to talk
  • displaying the fruits of the spirit

Like I said, I’m human. I mess up (often), but I try to show kindness to others… even if they aren’t fellow believers… yet.

What Has Come From These Actions

Because I gently share the gospel over time, when they are ready to take steps toward Jesus, they usually feel comfortable coming to me with questions. Or, in some cases, with stories of why they strayed in the first place. It usually has something to do with being hurt by Christians in the past and equating that human behavior to meaning about God.

This is why I believe it’s SO important to be a light for others and strive to be like Jesus… I NEVER want the reason someone distances themself from God to be because of my behavior.

But when we talk, I’m usually given the opportunity to share resources, listen, and be there for them. And it’s such a blessing to know God can use me in this way. I can’t think of anything more important than helping others accept Christ into their hearts.

On top of all the blessings they receive by coming back to God, I’ve also been blessed by their curiosity. Their questions typically help me dive deeper into scripture and grow closer to God myself.

Resources for Growing Closer to God as an Entrepreneur

There are a few resources I mention in the podcast, but if you’re looking to get started on your journey with God or want to dive deeper into faith-based entrepeneurship, I would highly recommend these:

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