Wisconsin Small Business Gift Guide

November 19, 2020

Shop small (and local). Check out these epic offers from small businesses in the Madison, WI area!


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What a year… am I right? It’s been rough for many – especially Wisconsin small business owners, who are still fighting to keep their doors open. So, this year, more than ever, I wanted to find a way to support my fellow WI entrepreneurs! If you’re looking for unique, high-quality gifts for loved ones this holiday season, consider one of the amazing shops / businesses below for #smallbusinesssaturday and beyond!

For the Homebody

Ehem… slowly raises hand. It’s me. The homebody is me, but also everyone in 2020. Here are some gorgeous items to make life at home just a little more enjoyable.

Wisconsin Small Business Gift Ideas

Green Country Creative

Sarah, of Green Country Creative, is not only one of the sweetest humans ever, she is also immensely talented. In the Etsy shop, you’ll find an advent calendar (complete with a daily devotion), handmade ornaments, and calligraphy quote prints.

Green Country Creative: Etsy Shop | Instagram

Ash and Arrow Events

There’s nothing like a stunning tent with cozy details to make a woman who is nearing her 30s desire a birthday slumber party… All jokes aside, I am OBSESSED with this Madison-based business. They create epic experiences for young and old – hosted safely at home. Alysha always goes above and beyond for her clients by adding the smallest custom details to help their event really shine! With experiential gifts being a bit trickier this year, Ash and Arrow is an AMAZING option for creating quality time with loved ones.

Ash & Arrow: Website | Instagram

JDs Custom Quilts

As stated by Amy Lynn Creative who shared this business with me, they do “t-shirt quilts that are so heavy, warm, and sentimental.” If you’re anything like me and have a dozen t-shirts you never wear, but don’t want to let go of, reach out to Jill. She offers both custom quilts as well as quilting patterns for those who want to DIY.

JDs Custom Quilts: Etsy Shop | Instagram

Wood Cycle of Wisconsin

From quality dining tables to fireplaces and cabinets to fine furniture, Wood Cycle says “if it can be made from wood, we can make it.” It takes approximately 30 seconds of browsing their site to see how talented they are, which isn’t surprising when you learn their trade has been passed down through the generations. Their furniture may be best suited for a spouse so you can enjoy it too! ?

Wood Cycle: Website | Instagram

For the Foodie

From savory bites to sweet treats, these Madison-area business owners will keep your bellies (and hearts) full! My stomach did growl the entire time I was writing this section… just so you know. You’re welcome.

Homestead Wisconsin

I might be biased as I got the chance to work firsthand with the owner, Brit, but Homestead is one of the most intentional businesses I’ve ever come to know. With a passion for transparency in farming and a desire for minimal waste, you can feel great about the kind of business you’re supporting here… You can shop for either beef (via select cuts or their Grazer sample boxes) or snag one of their wool / leather products (like mattress pads, rugs, and coasters).

Homestead: Website | Instagram

Delicious Unvailed

Let me preface this one by being very clear. I hate cake. No joke – Matt and I had cookies at our wedding instead. That said, I will happily eat Natalie’s cupcakes every day. This homestead baker infuses many of her confections with wine, beer, or tea – something I can also get behind. If you want to give your loved one that will make their taste buds explode or just want one less thing to bake this year, check her out.

Delicious Unvailed: Website | Instagram

Vicki Cookies

Calling all Schitt’s Creek fans or those with a sense of humor… Do you like eating visually appealing & witty desserts? Vicki makes gorgeous sugar cookies and also has a Christmas Cookie Advent Calendar available right now. An excuse to eat a cookie every day for almost a month? Yes, please!

Vicki Cookies: Website | Instagram

Tricky Foods

Wine and sarcasm are two of my love languages, but charcuterie boards also make the list. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found fun-loving foodie, Therese, through Delicious Unvailed! She offers treat and charcuterie boards as well as full blown grazing tables in the Madison area. If you want to add a tasty treat to your loved one’s life or just want to drool while staring at your computer screen, run on over to her site. (Gift cards also available.)

Tricky Foods: Website | Instagram

Toot + Kate’s Wine Bar

Oh, how I miss them so. Not the actual Toot and Kate because I don’t know them personally, but their charming, self-serve wine bar. They are currently offering carryout Board + Bottle deals for $25 on Wednesdays & Saturdays. Give the gift of quality time with food and wine! If you want to support them, but don’t live nearby, consider purchasing a gift card for a loved one who does!

Toot + Kate’s: Website | Instagram

For the Fashionista

Okay, maybe not a fashionista, but more like someone who values quality and originality… These businesses will serve those who love a cozy tee or beautiful accessory.

Sprout Studio Designs

This shop is ran by my friend / ball of sunshine in human form, Carly! She is a graphic designer for creatives and the owner of Sprout Studio full time, but also makes witty tees and tanks! If you know someone who is into creativity, positivity, or soft shirts, you’ll absolutely want to check out this small business.

Sprout Studio: Etsy Shop | Instagram

Soha Diamond Co.

Not only does this business have the coolest logo story in the world, they also create eco-conscious, high-quality custom jewelry. If you want something ready to buy for a special someone, their lineup of necklaces and earrings are a great place to start. They even have an adorable state necklace with a heart stamped in a specific city that would make an amazing gift for anyone who is missing their roots right now.

Soha: Website | Instagram

A Well Worn Story

Remember Homestead Wisconsin from above? Cool — er, a well worn — story. The owner of this small Wisconsin business, Morgann, is actually the sister-in-law of the boss lady who runs that farm. And if family businesses weren’t cool enough, family collaborations take it to a whole new level. A Well Worn Story creates handcrafted bags and leather goods… including pillow covers, wine totes, and coozies!

A Well Worn Story: Website | Instagram

A Humble Thread

Since this business was introduced to me by Sarah of Green Country Creative, it’s only appropriate to use her words… “A Humble Thread has the cutest embroidered birth flower keychains and more.” Well, I can tell you from the Etsy shop that the “and more” includes adorable hats, craft kits, and designs. There’s even something for the eclectic mug collector in your life.

A Humble Thread: Etsy Shop | Instagram

Ivy’s Illustrations

Last, but not least… this Wisconsin small business doesn’t make something you can wear, but they do create gorgeous illustrations of you wearing your favorite outfit. I had big plans to collaborate with Ivy before COVID hit, so I’m more than excited to send you her way for custom illustrations. She does wedding portraits (for the newlyweds in your life), home paintings (for the new homeowners in your life), pet portraits (for those who treat their dogs like family), and family portrait paintings. You can literally find something for everyone in her shop, but the thing I admire most about Ivy is her eagerness to use her gifts to give back. She is one of the most charitable business owners I know.

Ivy’s Illustrations: Etsy Shop | Instagram

Shop Small & Local

Whether it’s someone on this list or a different business in your community, I encourage you to shop small this year. Your purchase may be the difference in someone being able to continue pursuing their passions, pay their mortgage, or even impact more local lives. Please share this post and comment with your favorite Wisconsin businesses (yes, yours counts) below if they didn’t make the list this year so we can support them as well.

P.S. New around here and curious who I am or what I do? Click here to learn more or say “hey” on Instagram! If you’re a creative entrepreneur yourself, check out my features (as well as other small creative businesses) in the national Rising Tide Gift Guide.

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