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Why I Love Primally Pure Skincare

November 10, 2021

UPDATE: A few months after writing this blog, I noticed a regression in my skin. Skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis are multi-faceted, which I’m learning. What I thought was working for me below quickly proved to not be the thing that was helping. Above all else, diet has been the major game changer for my […]


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UPDATE: A few months after writing this blog, I noticed a regression in my skin. Skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis are multi-faceted, which I’m learning. What I thought was working for me below quickly proved to not be the thing that was helping. Above all else, diet has been the major game changer for my skin & after more experimenting, I’ve really enjoyed Crunchi’s moisturizers. They keep my skin soft & hydrated without causing acne or flaring up my seb derm. That said, I still LOVE using Everything Spray for sunburns or razor burn and the Baby Bar for daily skin cleansing! Facial care aside, I stand by Primally Pure for their deodorant alone… it’s the only brand that hasn’t caused sores under my arm pits. Okay, now back to my original review.

Before I dive deep into my love for Primally Pure‘s sensitive skincare line, I want to be perfectly honest. For the majority of my life, the extent of my skincare routine was splashing water on my face. I have always had dry / sensitive skin, but it wasn’t until 2019 that I started having painful issues that caused me to seek out solutions.

My skin broke out with flaky, sandpaper textured patches that were painful to the touch… specifically around my eyes / eyebrows. I have no idea what sparked it, but later found out from a dermatologist that I have something called seborrheic dermatitis. I’ll spare you the details, but in that appointment, I got approximately two minutes with the doctor before having a harsh onslaught of prescriptions shoved in my face.

Now, to give some context, I had a hepatic adenoma (liver tumor) removed in 2019 that was caused by birth control I was put on years ago for a misdiagnosed condition. I firmly believe western medicine plays an important role, but I’ve learned to question it.

The ingredients in the face washes, treatments, and moisturizers she recommended to me are known to cause cancer… and she wanted me to lather them on my face every day… forever. And best case scenario, these wouldn’t cure the issue. They’d manage it.

I decided to research my newly diagnosed condition and find some healthier alternatives to heal my issues rather than mask them… enter Primally Pure. After using their products for a year now, I want to share why I LOVE Primally Pure skincare.

My Primally Pure Skincare Review

As I said, I use the Primally Pure sensitive / dry skincare line. Many of the ingredients in these products are listed as natural solutions to seborrheic dermatitis. Ingredients like aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, and spirulina help repair the skin through reducing inflammation & reducing flakes.

I won’t sit here and tell you that it’s cured my condition, but it has reduced the itching, flaking, and pain. If I skip my skincare routine for a day or two, it’s noticeable… which to me, proves that this works. Let me walk you through my favorites in order of how I use them! (It’s going to sound like a lot, but remember… I’m the girl who used to just splash water on my face. This takes me less than five minutes. If I can do it, so can you!)

Cleansing Oil (Normal Skin)

Do you remember those makeup remover wipes in the blue package? I used to use those all the time and boy did they BURN! Think of Primally Pure Cleansing Oil as the way better for you version of that. It literally melts makeup right off. Now, if you’re like me, you might think… oil… on my face? Won’t that give me zits?

Here’s the thing. We know from good ol’ chemistry that like dissolves like. So, the oil in the cleanser will actually penetrate the pores better to dissolve the sebum / build up that cause breakouts. I use this on days I wear makeup or 2x per week.

Baby Bar

On days that I don’t use the Cleansing Oil, I use their Baby Bar… a gentle soap bar. I just purchased their new Soothing Bar, so I’ll report back about that soon. But, the Baby Bar is gentle enough to be used on… well, babies! It’s never made my skin feel tight and dry or burn like other cleansers have. It simply leaves it feeling clean.

Soothing Spirulina Face Mask

The Soothing Spirulina Face Mask is perhaps the most impactful product I use from Primally Pure. I put it on 2x a week for about 20 minutes. My husband calls me Shrek because of it’s green color, but the combination of its soothing ingredients and gritty texture leaves my skin feeling so soft.

Soothing Mist

I have to be honest. Initially, I just bought the Soothing Mist because I thought it’d be a relaxing way to end the day (lavender oil). But, as I’ve used it more and more, I’ve truly seen my complexion clear up and my sensitive patches of skin calm down. You just spritz a few times on your face and let it dry.

Everything Spray

I use Everything Spray on sunburns, cuts, to disinfect my beauty blender, and as a toner (in place of the soothing mist) when my inflammation kicks up. It’s by far my favorite product from Primally Pure and I go through it like water. If there’s one thing to start with, it’s this! I’m really not kidding. I got a terrible sunburn last 4th of July and it was gone the next morning when I used this!

Soothing Serum

Just a few drops of the Smoothing Serum goes a long way. When I used it on its own (without the Everything Spray or Soothing Mist), my skin was really dry and I felt like I had to use more of it to get it to spread evenly. But, when used with those priming sprays, it goes on nicely to reduce inflammation and add hydration.

Is Primally Pure a good brand?

In my mind, yes. They not only create clean and honest products, but they truly make a difference. In October, they donate many of their natural deodorant proceeds to breast cancer research. As they share their products, they also provide clean-living education and will even teach you how to make some of their products at home if you can’t afford to buy them.

I am a huge supporter of their mission and approach to non-toxic beauty and skincare. They focus on small, intentional steps that feel approachable versus guilting you into overhauling your whole life and stressing in the process.

Primally Pure Discount Code

I don’t personally have a discount code for you, but there are many other influencers who do. I’d highly recommend checking out keywords like “Primally Pure Discount Code” on Google to find them or join their email list to save 10%.

I don’t share products I don’t believe in. I tried Beautycounter before this and while I know a ton of people love it and I was encouraged to share it, it just didn’t work for me. Primally Pure has been a company I can trust when it comes to ingredients & quality.

PS If you want to learn about more of the non-toxic swaps I’ve made in our life and home, check out this blog!

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