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The Creative Cantina Podcast

Whether you listen in the shower, on your way to meet a client, or while walking your dog, my goal with each episode is to provide actionable biz tips (often in 20 minutes or less) so you can add your own twist & make a splash!

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what you'll learn here: 

How to Grow Your Biz

Wanna find your secret sauce and market it via powerful copywriting and SEO? Want to master sales so you can fill your calendar with dream clients? Tune in.

Avoiding Burnout

(And leaving it in the dust for good.) You started your business for freedom & joy. Let's get you back to that by prioritizing what matters most you & giving you time-saving tips along the way.

Health Hacks

We get one body & one life. Without our health, we have nothing. We can't enjoy our time with loved ones & no amount of success can buy it back, so it's time to make it a priority!

hey there!

I'm Cassie, your biz bestie.

From an awkward teen with a camera in hand to a data-driven, family-first, mocktail-loving creative business coach... I've learned a lot in my 14 years of entrepreneurship & I can't wait to help you thrive!

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Sure, this is a business podcast. But because I firmly believe you can't grow a business you love around a lifestyle you hate, we're going to talk about how find success without sacrificing what matters to you. No more "we can sleep when we're dead" or "coffee is breakfast mentalities" here. We're in it for the long haul!

I don't care how successful you are. If you don't have the time or health to enjoy it, none of it matters. Let's talk about how to grow a balanced biz without burnout.

- Liz

"I have listened to my fair share of business pods but this is the first one where prioritizing yourself is talked about. Mixing wellness with business is exactly what I needed in my life."

Five Stars:

"It's like you have a big sister guiding you in how to really understand that your business can be successful without you missing out on life with family friends..."

Five Stars:

- amy

"If you’re looking for honest, approachable, expert business advice for female business owners, look no further!"

Five Stars:

Welcome to the Cantina!

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