Sales Tracker for Your Creative Service Biz

Ever get sick of wasting time emailing potential clients that just end up ghosting you? Or setting up consult calls with leads you know deep down are probably not a good fit? I know... it sucks!

But when is the last time you made data-driven decisions to change that process so it would work better for you? Let's not even go that far... when is the last time you calculated your booking percentage at all (& no, the inaccurate stats from your CRM don't count). 

You have the power to change your conversions!

"This is awesome! I love how simple it is to add in everything."

"Super useful! I'm going be using this moving forward, splitting it up by year."

— sylvia

you should know...

I've been teaching sales for a decade.

It started back in college when I taught other collegiate entrepreneurs not only how to book clients, but also how to track & analyze their stats to constantly refine their skills. More recently, I've been working with creative service pros to help them identify why they're losing dream clients!

spoiler alert: making data-driven decisions about your sales process doesn't have to be difficult. If teenagers can do it, you can.

So, what do you get?

Google Sheets sales tracker to help you keep tabs on your process & overall success.

Tutorial video showing you how to track & customize to your business.

Guide to reading the data so you can understand what part of your process needs work.

Tips on how to tweak your process one step at a time so you know what made an impact.

An auto-calculated stats & reports sheet to help you track your best marketing efforts & conversions.

BONUS: Discount on Systems That Sell (my sales course) if you're ready to take it a step further.

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"What gets measured gets managed."

you're not going improve your outcomes until you take the time to track.

if what they say is true...

How to Use the Sales Tracker


Grab the PDF download & click the first two links to access your tracker & getting started walkthrough.

Input inquiry info

Either start fresh or enter past inquiry info to start auto compiling stats on the reports page.

data-driven decisions

Use Cassie's video / guide to analyze your data & make tweaks to improve your booking rate.

Learn which marketing methods are most fruitful.

For less than the cost of a tube of mascara...

get it now

Discover what parts of your process aren't working.

Beat the overwhelm of analyzing your numbers.

Step back into the CEO seat.

hey there!

I'm Cassie - your biz bestie.

Nothing makes me happier than helping business owners reclaim their time. Higher booking rates means less consult calls necessary, so let's get you back on track...

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