What I Offer

Literally speaking? I offer self-guided education in the form of courses and guides as well as support in the form of 1:1 coaching. But past the obvious? I offer a loving kick in the pants met with strategy designed to help you grow both personally and professionally. I offer you a chance to feel empowered again and to control your time like you wanted when you first started.

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Before we keep going, let's not forget... You are the reason your business has gotten to this point. I'm just here to help you see the forest beyond the trees & grow with intention.

It's incredibly common for business owners to get caught up with working in their business and lose sight of their original, big picture goals. Creatives struggle with this even more because you started your business to do what you love and chances are, it wasn't marketing & sales. If you're feeling indecisive, overwhelmed at the thought of all you need to learn / do to grow your business, or stuck on the hard work hamster wheel with no results to show for it...

You're in the right place.


got her groove back:

"Cassie gave me tangible advice to help me move past a roadblock I've been struggling with in my business for quite a long time."



created strategic offers:

"She asked all the right questions to help me get out of my head & focus on what my clients need, but also what was going to help my business."


real results

Ways to Work Together

courses & guides

If you're a self-starter, check out my marketing courses & guides that are proven to help your biz grow.

strategy session

90 minute intensive to gain clarity, get unstuck, & create a plan that makes you feel confident taking action.


Regular meetings & support to help you scale, systemize, and take your time back.

"I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone who feels stuck or wants to explore next steps to grow their business." 

- Larissa A



You're sick of spinning your wheels & want to actually move the needle in your business.

Long story short? We meet over Zoom, analyze your business, & create an action-packed plan to help your business thrive.

As a past client said, when we first started working together, she was "somewhere between Side-Hustleville & this glorious land I'm now living in." Private coaching is perfect for creatives that have their business up & running, but not quite as smoothly (or successfully) as you'd like. Together, we can re-focus & start growing in the right direction.

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Courses & Guides


You just need to bridge the knowledge gap for one specific topic for your business.

I've been told I know a lot about a lot and that I'm ridiculously methodic in my teaching practices. You're welcome. 

My courses and guides cover everything from basics to strategy as they pertain to Pinterest and Instagram marketing. If you're not familiar with how to use these tools to increase leads and clients in your business, this is a great place to start. Unlike many self-study guides, mine are focused on taking action so you can actually see results.

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Pump the brakes, sister!


raised her prices by 42% & is still fully booked

"With Cassie's help, I totally revamped everything behind the scenes of my business...

which helped me feel confident, far less stressed, and prepared to continue growing my business in the future. She helped me see things I wouldn't have realized on my own, and I can say without a doubt that, without her help, I probably would have burnt out and shut down my business within the next year."


said goodbye to overwhelm & hello to growth

"After our first coaching call, I had a solid plan and a weight off my shoulders.

Before my coaching call with Cassie, I was feeling overwhelmed & on the road to burnout. I knew I had to do something to take my business to the next level, but I had way too many ideas floating around in my head. She kept me laser-focused by helping me create clear action items."


booked 3 brides from instagram in 1 month

"I am so excited for the next year and beyond with my business!

She was absolutely wonderful to work with! I knew I had been wanting to hire a business coach for a while, but I was nervous to pull the trigger. After talking with Cassie & getting to know her before, I knew we'd be a great fit. What I loved was instead of just telling me what to do, we went over ideas and strategies together."


worth of business education in my noggin.


years of experience running small businesses.


of hours saved by my clients via strategic systems.


business owners I've coached across multiple industries.