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Know what to say (& when) so you can save time, serve well, & sell more.

Know what to say (& when) so you can save time, serve well, & sell more.

You got into do business do what you love, but now spend so much time trying to convince people to love what you do. It feels great when a dream client inquires, but when they ghost? Cue the "what did I do wrong?" spiral.

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Welcome to Systems That Sell

Imagine you get an inquiry... but instead of stressing about whether or not they'll ghost before you even reply, you feel confident. You know your process works & you'll more than likely convert them into a dream client... What if you knew not only exactly how to make people want to work with you, but also how to wow them so they'd want to refer their friends?

Feels like a weight has been lifted, am I right? I get it. I remember the disappointment that came with what felt like a personal rejection when someone said "no" to my services.

Ready for a stress-free sales process?

"This course was easy to complete, digestible, & immediately actionable."

"It made me feel more legitimate in my business, because, not only do I have templates for every step of my client process, I actually HAVE A CLIENT PROCESS now. A++++++, 5,000 stars, JUST DO IT."

— Andrea w.

believe it or not...

Sales wasn't always my thing.

12 years ago, I was getting my BBA in Entrepreneurship while starting my second business painting houses. (Random, I know, but I wanted to diversify my biz skills past photography.) Despite being well liked by homeowners, I had a pitiful booking rate. And while it was working for others, I Just couldn't get behind the pushy sales tactics my mentors taught.

So, I refined my own connect & serve method that now helps me close at an 80% rate & teach others to do the same.


Systems That Sell

Helping creative service providers find relief & confidence in creating systems so they know what to say (& when) to get ideal clients excited to invest & refer their friends... all while saving time & serving better.


Here's What You'll Learn

Module one

Laying Foundations

I'll give you a quick run down on time saving, conversion boosting tools you may want to use. Then we'll dive into an exercise to find what makes you and your client experience so unique!

Module two

Before the Inquiry

You know what happens after someone inquires, but a huge part of sales is getting that lead in the first place. Let's walk you through what may be holding you back & then discuss how to get better inquiries you can connect with immediately.

module three

Inquiry Through Booking

I'll walk you through the whole sales strategy from the initial inquiry response to the final follow up so you can book more. Words are hard, but we'll make it easier by outlining each step so you can craft templates that actually sound like you (unlike the generic ones from your CRM).

Module four

Client Experience

Every single interaction you have with a client, whether it's a welcome gift, a planning email, or potential upsells will shape their experience. If you want to provide a high-quality, luxury experience worthy of 5-star reviews & referrals, this module is for you! No more flying by the seat of your pants.

module five

Your Systems

This is a sales & client experience course, not a CRM tutorial. That said, CRMs can play an integral role in your booking rate & overall success. I'll give you a quick guide for getting started so you can take your time back & serve clients well. Say goodbye to being chained to your desk & hello to time freedom!

How does this sound?

get results like this:


Fill your calendar with clients you can't wait to work with.


Hit (or surpass) your financial goals without working 24/7.


Confidently respond to new leads quickly & effectively.


Consistently get referrals from past clients who loved their experience!


Upsell clients in ways that serve them better & increase your profit.

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How It Works

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implement the lessons

Follow & implement each lesson to create a system that sells for you & provides a luxury client experience.

grow your biz

As your pre-drafted process sells for you, enjoy the growth in your income & time freedom!


increased her booking rate by 67%:

"I'm making more than my goal & best of all, I have ideal clients I love serving."


Perry Ann

booked $30k in 1 week:

"I'm so excited I'm finally booking & being assured I'm worth my pricing. My dream client finally found me, were ready to pay, and loved me for me!"


real results

You work hard for your inquiries.
Stop losing them to your competitors.

Let's get started!

You're amazing at what you do, but if you're anything like my past clients, you have a hard time communicating it. You just want to know what works!

I've done all the hard work for you. I've dedicated myself to learning the ins and outs of sales over the past decade & created a non-salesy, proven approach. What does that mean for you? No guessing. No more stressing about what to say or if it'll work. No more wishing you could serve your clients better. Just results - with a side of time saved.

You're in the right place.

"You got into business to do what you love, not struggle to convince people to love what you do."


Be booking your ideal clients & serving them well through an intentional, luxury experience.

Increase your booking percentage. (Past clients have seen 20-60% more success.)

Know exactly what to say in your emails, saving you so much time & stress.

Have more time to spend either living your life or taking on more clients (without feeling overwhelmed).

Be able to effortlessly upsell clients in a way that serves them well.

Get higher quality leads you can connect with right off the bat.

By the end of STS, you will...

let's do this!

"It would've saved me so much time - not to mention money - that I spent on templates that I pieced together. Whether you've been in business for you years & need a refresh or are just starting out, I highly recommend Systems That Sell! 

"I wish a course like this had existed when I first started my business!"

— Renee

"I'm so approachable in person & online, but then my inquiry response was so rigid & professional, which pushed people away. Since updating it, I still qualify my leads well and everything feels so much more connected & genuine."

"My email responses finally reflect my personality."

— paige

"We went from working with 12 clients at a time (& super stressed out) to working with 60, which is still busy, but so doable with the email templates & process. Every client gets a consistent, great experience."

"I'm able to serve so many more clients... & do it well."

— alyssa & Ryan

"I can 100% tell by the small implementations of templates & a better workflow that I am not nearly as stressed as I used to be. Having better systems in place also helps me not to forget things I need to do ahead of time."

— Sarah

"Even my client said she can feel I'm happier & more relaxed.""

hey there!

I'm Cassie, your biz & sales coach.

Over the past 12 years, I've run multiple businesses & consulted dozens of creatives on how to grow theirs while maintaining time freedom. I've mastered the art of sales & a luxury client experience.

more about me

but it wasn't always this way

I used to really suck at selling...

Booking referral clients for my photo business in high school was one thing, but selling complete strangers on why they should trust me to paint their house (with zero experience) was a different story. My mentors were all dudes who believed in the hard close, but it always made me cringe, so I was stuck.

Over time, I found my super power was connection. If I could just connect & serve them well by listening to their needs, I'd book almost every time... no pushy sales required. From then on, sales became fun & I continued to get better and better at it until I was able to teach it to others with repeated success.

if other creatives can succeed with this framework, you can too!

Study at your own pace

create a 5-star client experience

done-for-you templates & time-saving hacks

dfy templates & time-savers

Proven roadmap to increase bookings

This      for you if:


you want to book dream clients consistently & confidently

you want to work smarter, save time, & have more time freedom

you want to deliver a luxury experience so you can charge more

It's probably        for you if:

It's probably
for you if...


You're looking for a crm course about automations

your schedule is booked out with dream clients

your client process is already super refined & perfected

Systems That Sell

let's create

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students who have been taught this framework


highest booking rate after applying this knowledge


earned by some students within a year of implementing


of hours saved by students through custom templates

Still on the fence?

I completely understand. Business investments are important. I'd love to help you figure out if this one is right for you.

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