Wanna know one of the biggest mistakes I see creative entrepreneurs making? They try to save a buck by using 15 free / cheap tools instead of investing in a CRM. Sure, your bank account might be telling you you’re making a good decision, but how much time are you wasting? Like many of my […]

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As Amy Lynn Creative, a female entrepreneur in my community put it, Pinterest is where search engine meets cork board. If you’re a woman between the ages of 18-40, you may already know what Pinterest is used for… Whether it be for a wedding, dream home, next vacation, or fall fashion, it’s where we plan […]

Raise your hand if you’re a solo entrepreneur wearing all the hats and wondering how you’ll keep up with it all. Raises hand. Welcome, lady! You’re in the right place. I’ve been teaching entrepreneurs how to manage their time since 2012. So, I know I can teach you how to plan your week for efficiency […]

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Ever wish someone could tell you exactly what to write and how to write it on Instagram to attract clients? Well, this is the closest thing. Keep reading to learn the tried and true process I implement when writing Instagram captions for my business! Perform Market Research What would you do if I told you […]

Instagram hashtags for business… We love them, hate them, and love to hate them. You’ve tried them in the comments. You’ve tried them in the post. You’ve tried two. You’ve tried the most. Despite your best efforts, you’re still scratching your head wondering how to hashtag on Instagram in a way that will get your […]

As a solo-entrepreneur, it can be hard to keep up with all of the different hats you have to wear in your business. One day you’re an accountant, the next you’re a copywriter. It seems like there’s no time left at the end of the day to actually work with your clients. Am I right? […]

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I’m so happy to be a guest writer on Cassie’s blog today! Before we get into our topic about branding for creatives and setting yourself apart in a saturated market, I thought I’d share a little bit about me… I’m a graphic designer in Madison, Wisconsin. I started my business to help entrepreneurs grow through […]

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“Work from home. It’ll be fun,” they said. “You won’t have to wait in traffic or get dressed,” they said. SPOILER ALERT: It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Making your own schedule as an entrepreneur can be tough, but I’m sure you’ve discovered that by now, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Well, let’s get […]

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When it comes to planning your dream house or wedding, you’re a Pinterest pro. Using it as a part of your online marketing strategy… not so much! Want to know a secret though? It’s actually not that hard. Let’s start with how to create a Pinterest business account and take it one step at a […]

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Hardworking, hustle-mode boss babe… I see you over there busting your butt and trying to get more clients for your business. You’re tired and the thought of managing yet another platform has your eyes welling up with tears of overwhelm. Sound about right? What if I told you this platform wouldn’t take up more than […]

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